Letter from the founder of violin.host

Dear violinist,

I would like to start by saying thank you to you, because, no matter if you’re an amateur, student, professional, teacher or beginner, by loving the violin you’re helping to survive this beautiful instrument through time and difficulties.

I would like also to welcome you on this website, violin.host and explain to you what’s this project about in a few lines:

For a long time, the violin has been an instrument restricted to a minority of wealthy and philantropic peoples who financed and helped young talents to promote in a highly selected and predetermined soloist careers and events.

Thus, the violin itself was not accesible to the main public, and conveniently gained an aura of misticism, elitism and mystery forbidden for those not included in those segments of society.

With the irruption of the internet and the telecomunications, it may seemed that the knowledge about violing playing and the ways of the old times should change, but it has not been the case until now.

The main reason according to me, is the fact that, very deep habitudes and protocols have restricted violin learning and violin playing since 200 years until today, bindings based on a concept of perfection and shame, difficult issues to overcame for many violinists.

For a violinist, the feeling of never been good enough is a burden, a tremendous burden that has undermined the legitimate desires of joy of generations of violinists, preventing them from really enjoying and making a living by playing and teaching this beautiful instrument.

This project, violin.host has three objectives:

The first one is to help changing the shame dynamic so fundamentally engrained in the violinist psyche by empowering violinists accross the world to have their own free violin websites to share the beautiful music and knowledge that they already have, as well as to help them share their limitations and difficulties, things that they face on an every-day-basis when learning to play the violin.

The second one is to create a collaborative free violin encyclopedia, which is called WikiViolin very much inspired on the wikipedia project, but specialized in the violin world: articles about each existing violin piece, historical context, available recordings, available editions and facsimiles, available bowings, fingerings and methods of study, and much more.

And, the third one, is to connect in a new fashion the thurst for violin knowledge, the urge for learning violin with the offer of that knowledge: the courses, the teachers, the methods and the opportunitues conected to those who want them in a transparent, open and completely decentralized manner, based on real quality and efectiveness.

By trying to achieve these three goals we will remember that:

“There’s always someone who plays better and worse the violin than you do. Therefore, you’re encouraged to look objectively yourself, share the music and knowledge that you already have with others that need it and don’t have it, as well as you’re encouraged to learn freely and openly from other violinists that have a lot to give you.”

We will always work hard in violin.host to help the violinists achieve that goal: sharing and learning the violin.

Hopefully, with you’re desire for sharing and learning violin, we’re going to make this really happen.

I wish you many deep connection moments of joy and music with your violin.

Thank you very much and enjoy your violin.host experience.

Marko-Karlo Vlahovič

Founder of violin.host